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Access to your businesses’s website is constantly at the fingertips of potential customers. The need to make a strong and lasting first impression has never been greater. With the average bounce rate on most website being between 40% and 60%, what are you doing to ensure visitors stay on your website and become a customer?

Website Design as Unique as your Business

It only takes a few moments to win or lose potential customers visiting your website. If your website design is unattractive, is difficult to find information / contact details, or hasn’t been updated in a while, website visitors may hit the back button and forget all about you. These couple moments are your chance to catch them and make sure they do not move on to competitive businesses.

AJ Creative understands the importance of individuality when it comes to web design which is why all client sites are built from the ground. We do not create one-size-fits-all websites; we tailor each specifically for our client’s needs. Each website we create is not only attractive and professional, but easily navigable by visitors to ensure they find the information, service or product they require quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Design isn’t an Option, it’s a Necessity

Mobile website browsing has surpassed Desktop browsing in the last few years. Because mobile devices are often with us throughout the day, it makes it very simple to load up a website upon discovering a business via advertisement, flyer or business card. This is where problems may arise if your website isn’t properly optimized for phones or tablets. All of the websites we design are built with Responsive Design, which means that if a customer pulls up a site on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, the look, feel and function will remain the same across the board.

Everyone’s favorite topic: What’s the Cost for a Website?

The first question on many business owner’s minds when they begin to research web agencies is often: “How much will this new website cost me?”. To that we respond, “What goals would you like to accomplish with your new or redesigned website?”.

Your website’s aesthetics and functionality should be a top concern when starting or growing your business. For many people interested in your services or products, it will be your representation. Much like dressing poorly to a business meeting, you can often be judged by your appearance rather than what you have to offer. We help eliminate this little bump, so you can focus on what you excel at in your company.

The fact of the matter is that if you’re shopping for the cheapest solution out there, you’ll never get the best. Everyone has a nephew that took a web design class in high school.

We consider our pricing to be middle of the road. Our clients pay for our knowledge, nearly 15 years of experience in web design and the peace of mind that their project will be handled properly the first time. On the flip-side to this, we are a smaller agency, so our fees are not going to pay for an expensive board room or idle staff.

Bottom line: We have tons of know how without tons of overhead. Eliminate all guesswork and get exactly what you need.


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    • Website Statistic Reporting
  • Social Media Marketing
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    • Media Kit Design
    • Copywriting
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