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Whether you’re first to market or already in the trenches fighting off competitors for your piece of the market, it’s vital that your target audience can find you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website’s content not only accessible, but valued to Search Engines responsible for crawling, indexing and ranking websites. You can have a beautifully designed site displaying all of the fantastic services that your company has to offer and it means nothing if potential customers can’t find your business through a quick search.

Always Build from a Solid Foundation of SEO

We take Search Engine Optimization very seriously. Every website that AJ Creative produces is built with SEO in mind from the first sketch to last word typed. There are a ton of WordPress SEO Plugins out there that do a great job at reminding people to place keywords in page titles and throughout the body of their website copy, but Search Engines are constantly evolving. While keyword stuffing worked in the past, Search Engines have adapted to combat abuse also known as Black Hat SEO and take much more into account when considering rank.

Today, Search Engines rely on hundreds of factors for ranking websites that are very rarely made public. It’s through the trial and error testing done by communities of SEO’s, that we are able to constantly update our practices to assist clients. We make a habit of starting the morning off with coffee in hand, reading up on the latest SEO trends and theory in preparation for an afternoon of deployment.

Considerations such as page load speed, mobile optimization and printer friendly pages, are often overlooked by novice web designers or companies that offer website template solutions. It’s small pieces like these that come together and alongside quality content have a direct effect on page rank. It’s important to hire a firm that is aware of such things and will educate you on why each step matters. In a time when even our inbox is overcrowded with “Front Pagez Google – SEO” spam emails, never be afraid to ask for an explanation of SEO services. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Website Maintenance for our creations and those that we’ll love like our own

Websites are not a “set it and forget it” tool. They need love, attention & content to grow up strong and bring you lots of new customers. Sometimes we take on new clients that have an existing website that they are attached to. Although these new clients may be happy with their site in some areas such as aesthetics, they may need help in way of website maintenance or SEO. Whether or not we designed your website, we care about and want to help with your businesses growth.

We provide basic website maintenance including content planning and management, data backup, back-end updates and host management. We focus on the day to day operation of keeping your site up-to-date, secure and recruiting customer and leave you to concentrate on running your business. Monthly maintenance plans vary in price depending on website size and needs. Shoot us a message to discuss your needs, and let us tell you how we can help.

Search Engine Optimization is a Marathon, not a Race

Just like everything in life, a strong ranking website comes with hard work and dedication. Be wary of anyone making big promises of putting you on page 1 of Google overnight. These individuals are either deceitful or just plain inexperienced. In order to get real, long lasting results, it takes a plan and the know how to execute. In addition to website maintenance, we also offer ongoing monthly SEO to help keep you moving in the right direction after your website has launched. We will help form long term content strategies and maintainable online marketing plans to make sure you see steady and sustained increases.

But how do you know if this SEO strategy is working?

We provide monthly reports to track progress and other changes to your online presence like reviews and social interactions. Moreover, we will provide comparative reports so that you know exactly where you stand in contrast to any competition. Without knowing where we’ve been and what we’re up against, it’s impossible to know where we’re heading. Let us help guide your way.


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