We offer a comprehensive range of custom design services and marketing tools to help companies initiate or build their online presence. If you are seeking services outside of what we have listed below, then please take the time to drop us an email or call at (360) 402-0771 to see how we can help.


Your website is how the rest of the online world views, communicates, and does business with your company. The average visitor spends very little time on a website before they decide to stay. Whether it's a marketing landing page, a Wordpress blog, a fully designed service website or a large eCommerce site, AJ Creative provides customized web design services for businesses of all sizes.

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We spend a lot of time keeping up with the changes that Search Engines make to their algorithms (and drinking coffee) to help our clients’ maintain or improve ranking. We provide monthly reporting in areas like how long a visitor was on the site, where they came from, what they viewed and a ton of other useful details to track what is and isn’t effective in terms of marketing.

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With so many Social Media Services floating around today, it can be difficult to determine which ones to utilize to maximize your business’s range. We help reach your target audience on the networks that offer the best return for time and budget. We will work with you to develop ongoing social campaigns to engage and grow your fan-base.

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