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Serving the Olympia Area Real Estate Market Since 1971

Virgil Adams Real Estate has been helping other buy and sell Homes, Land & Commercial Properties for nearly 45 years. They are a staple to the real estate market in Thurston County.

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AJ Creative was contracted by Virgil Adams to help in updating not only the design of their website, but the technologies used to manage their listings, clients, and potential leads.


We began with an already established branding strategy and set out to expand it with the emotion of Olympia, itself. While many locals are aware of how beautiful Olympia and its surroundings towns are, it was important to not limit our audience, but to broaden it with people living outside of the area. With the help of OlyKaz, we photographed some of the landmarks and attractions that make Olympia shine. We then designed a website to showcasing these photos and tying an already long existing real estate brand.


Multiple Listings Service (MLS) is a group of services that allow real estate brokers and agents to manage their property listings. Using Internet Data Exchange (IDX), real estate professionals can display up-to-date listing information directly on their website. Working directly with Virgil Adams we screened many IDX companies to tie their website in with NorthWest MLS. Our ideal IDX provider needed quick property refresh rates, a responsive framework, and non-iFramed listing displays to aid in Search Engine Optimization. Once we were satisfied with an IDX partner, it was AJ Creative’s job to integrate the functionality and redesign all of the IDX elements to match our established website styling.

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